Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Where's Quintin?

Although discusssion at the Common Council Police Committee meeting last night was entirely taken up with talk of the proposed police/court/low-income housing buildingGossips got a chance, after the meeting was adjourned, to ask Chief Ellis Richardson for an update on the search for Quintin Cross and in the process managed to get some clarification about the events of last Monday. 

Richardson said that Cross had voluntarily presented himself at the police station on Monday and was interviewed by HPD detectives. After the interview, he was allowed to leave. Richardson, who was not party to the interview, told Gossips that the law did not allow the police to detain Cross at that point. When asked if the detectives had seen the surveillance tapes when they spoke with Cross, Richardson demurred, saying, "We're not going to try him right here."

According to Richardson, the HPD immediately involved the district attorney's office, and Cross was indicted by a grand jury on Monday afternoon, but that did not happen until after Cross had been released. When asked about Lieutenant Anthony Paolino's comment, quoted in the Kingston Daily Freeman, that he was confident Cross and his accomplice would be found because "the city of Hudson is a small place--2.17 square miles to be exact," Richardson conceded that Cross was probably not in Hudson. "If he were here, he would have popped up by now."


  1. Cross has been active on facebook since the search started but HPD probably doesn't go there...

  2. Cross's facebook page was taken down last week.
    This IS a small town with alot of his family here...I find it hard to believe none of them know where he is.

  3. He wished Brian Herman a Happy Birthday on facebook while there was an all points search taking place.