Thursday, March 15, 2012

Open Government Comes to Columbia County

Nathan Mayberg reports the highlights of last night's Board of Supervisors meeting in today's Register-Star: "Smaller raise approved for county clerk." What he doesn't mention are some issues decided and discussed that would make the deliberation and decision making of the county's elected officials more accessible and comprehensible to the public. As a first step toward more open government, Dan and Mary Udell were videotaping last night's meeting for broadcast on Mid-Hudson Cable. The Udells will be videotaping all meetings of the full board, and it's possible that they may also be permitted to  videotape BOS committee meetings, where the real business of county government takes places.  

The Board of Supervisors is also considering allowing the public to speak at their regular monthly meetings and turning on the microphones in the chamber so that the public can hear what the supervisors are saying.    

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