Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tonight at City Hall

It was the expectation that at tonight's special meeting the Common Council would discuss and deliberate about the Hudson Civic proposal and then vote on whether or not to support it. Only the latter part of that happened. Between last night's Legal Committee meeting and tonight's meeting, the memorandum of understanding came off the table, and the resolution presented to the Legal Committee last night by Council president Don Moore, with the addition of one new Whereas paragraph, was what came before the Council for a vote. Moore explained that the resolution was the product of discussion between the City and the Lantern Group and then said that he believed that there should be a partnership between the City and Lantern and trusted that there would be, but it needed to happen one step at a time.

Bearing the title "A Resolution of Support on Behalf of the City and the Common Council for the Development of a Supportive Permanent Homeless Housing, City of Hudson Police Station, and City of Hudson Court House as part of a Three-Unit Condominium Project," the resolution concludes: 
NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Mayor and the Common Council President are authorized to convey this Resolution of Support to the Sponsors, and the City will explore further the mutual development of a Memorandum of Understanding delineating the potential agreement between the parties over the next three months. 
The discussion consisted only of a lengthy statement by Second Ward alderman Abdus Miah, the gist which seemed to be that, although it was not "100 percent perfect," the proposal was the best the City could come up with to solve its problems.

There being no other comments, Moore called for a vote. Voting aye were Moore, Robert Donahue (Fifth Ward), John Friedman (Third Ward), Miah, Wanda Pertilla (Second Ward), Carmine Pierro (Fifth Ward), Sheila Ramsey (Fourth Ward), and Ohrine Stewart (Fourth Ward). Voting nay were Nick Haddad (First Ward), David Marston (First Ward), and Chris Wagoner (Third Ward). The resolution passed 1,566 to 454.  


  1. Always Compromising in life get you no Where - Hudtown

  2. Rush, rush, rush. Don't they have to put this idea out to bid or is their only one developer in the world?

  3. If all WE are getting is a couple of white boxes with particians,plumbing and heating, what in Gods name does that mean?No fixtures what so ever? Do WE get A/C? Is GalVan paying for utilities? Council better get some architects,space planners /NYS Universal Code experts on 2012 Police Station requirements and City Court Houses on this case ASAP and figure out$/ Neiborhood impact studies.Traffic flow impact.Cost of an indoor gagage with Police Emergency and Security Vehicles and insurances.
    security,security and insurances and security
    Furnishings.Finishes ,Doors,Floors Lighting, carpets ,curtains interagation rms,Desks ,a bible and a gavel ETC
    How many ADA Washrooms?How much does a lock up cost?Does anyone know? and THE TAX PAYER WON'T EVEN OWN IT.
    100,000 a year lease for 30 years is the least expensive amount on the table.AND THAT IS WHAT THE MAYOR AND CC is going to sell US OUT FOR? WHY?In 30 years ,everything will be outdated.So what if GalVan gives our future CITIZENS the 2 whiteboxes with outdated plumbing,
    heating& no building, in 30 years for 1$. Just look where they want to build this Crap.Where is the only outside area for these "special need residents" to go?
    The Schoolyard across the street or by Helsinki ,Marina Ambramovic Theater Complex on the way to the 7th ST Park,WE are trying to restore and attract bussinsesses, maybe even a hotel.Run this plan by them.Isn't that RTE 23B 9G
    running past all this bad enough?Great, my corner store is the closest.
    These Lantern characters do not do anything that does not make them ALOT of money,period and they do not care how it impacts anyone,but thier& investors bottom line.
    Look what they have already laid to waste in our City.Housing!! empty buildings that used to be HOUSING!If The 5th Ward Boys think this is so great,have Lantern do their philantropic group housing work over on Michael Court.Cappy has some land for sale around Fairveiw.IT's near shopping ,services and possible employment.WE can build our own POLICE HEAD QUARTERS and COURT HOUSE without
    Eric come lately,GalVan. THANK YOU
    Ironic that Hudson was the United States second planned City ,next to Baltimore and none of this is being proposed with any plan or respect whatsoever .Geez, GalVans new headquarters was the Almshouse for the Poor circa 1818 and now they bought the jail up the street. CCPres.& the Mayor knows how to get $$ on their own,when they want to.
    Get GalVan to clean up the mess they already made here.They bought most of our available important Historic BLDGS left,go take care of them. Abide by our LAWS and paty their TAXES Leave us alone.

    Tony Concra just milked DSS for 485k p/yr for 20 yrs and paid no property or school taxes and DSS is still giving this guy 30k a mo. and DSS wants to buy this toxic dump in the woods for over 2 mil ,just when Cocra's PILOT runs out.
    Husdon and Columbia County has
    written all over them. No wonder these Lantern ORG.GROUP Grifters made thier way up here from the BIG CITY.New Mayor&
    Council are even going listen to an ex Mayor,hired by this disreputable org. to unethically push to let OUR LITTLE CITY get into a mess like this for generatons to come?
    Nothing I would want to be remembered for or want to pay for.

    (sorry no signal,no sp check)