Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What We Could Learn from the French

Not much has been heard recently about the plan to demolish Bliss Towers and replace it with an undetermined number of two-family town houses situated on the site and in various locations around town, but for those residents of Bliss Towers and others advocating for renovation rather than demolition, today's New York Times has an article of interest. It's about a housing project tower in Paris that was innovatively retrofitted for less than the cost of demolition and new construction: "In Paris, public housing tower becomes a beacon." Don't miss the slide show.     


  1. Brilliant. Instead of finding reasons this won't work, I hope the City can shed its dinosaur approach to urban planning and consider reasons that the French model WOULD work. How can we as citizens help the process?...engage the tenants at Bliss Towers?....cost out the project?...obtain the French architect expertise to work the same transformation here?

  2. Yeah,
    This is such an incredibly cool idea.Genius in its simplicity. The views of the River and countryside ,that Bldg.would have.
    It would be really interesting ,what the unit or just costs were ......ballpark.
    What a game changer.So cool
    thanks for posting this, Carole