Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thanks But No Thanks

Yesterday, the Hudson Police Union delivered a letter to Common Council president Don Moore and all the aldermen expressing their dissatisfaction with the plan to combine a new police/court building with low-income housing for formerly homeless adults. Nathan Mayberg has the story in today's Register-Star: "Hudson police oppose station plans." 

When the topic of the letter came up in last night's Common Council Police Committee meeting, there seemed to be more concern about breaches in protocol than about the content of the letter. Police Committee chair Cappy Pierro, who took the opportunity to remind everyone that he was once Police Commissioner, pointed out the impropriety of a letter from the police union being written on Hudson Police Department letterhead and delivered by an on-duty officer. Moore protested that his copy of the letter had been hand-delivered to his personal mailbox, which is postal violation. Police Commissioner Gary Graziano and HPD Chief Ellis Richardson, who were both present at the committee meeting, attested that neither had knowledge of the letter prior to its distribution.    

The proposed police/court/low-income housing building will be a topic of discussion at the Common Council Legal Committee meeting at 6:45 p.m. on Wednesday, March 28. A special meeting of the full Council to decide whether or not to support Eric Galloway's application for tax credits for the project is scheduled for Thursday, March 29, at 6 p.m.   

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