Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Slippery Slope

Gossips' earlier post about the illegal dumping sites in Hudson inspired a reader to sent me this picture of the steep slope down from Promenade Hill to the railroad tracks and the river.

Looks like it may be  time for some surefooted DPW workers or some intrepid volunteers to descend the slope and clean up the mess. As a preventive measure, some trash cans along the fence on Promenade Hill might be effective.   


  1. It will be another DPW Superintendent Rob Perry type answer to why ...

  2. More illegal dumps- in the woods at Oakdale; around the field below JLE elementary school; and frankly, in many allies and lanes throughout Hudson (particularly, I've noticed, around Gellert properties). Oakdale is certainly city property; as is the field (?) Are there laws requiring landlords to ensure their tenants properly dispose of trash?

  3. Thank you so much for covering this chronic problem in Hudson.I hope by your making these officials respond in a public forum,as yours,will help to compel them to take action.As private citizens ,we are answered with indifference to belligerence and no action.

  4. Illegal dumps will remain a problem in Hudson until we have municipal trash collection that is paid for by an assessment on property taxes. The poor don't buy trash bags, so they find other means of disposal.

  5. ... Which goes to my theory that what Q was really after in City Hall was garbage bags!

    But requiring the purchase of garbage bags is as close as we can get to an environmentally responsible consumption tax. The more wasteful you are, the more you pay.

    Raising taxes on property owners instead of instilling a sense of personal responsibility and civic pride among litter-bugs is just good money after bad.

    We already pay for the HPD and code enforcement, so why are we supposed to subsidize wastefulness and bad behavior too?

  6. Now that there will be no reply to the above, it is finally time to point out that the trash in the photo is mostly recyclable cans.

    It was Victor who volunteered the notion that it is "the poor" who are littering, and even that they don't buy trash bags! Seems kind of condescending, but if that's what he says ....

    Considering that a single garbage bag equals the cost of two of those (recyclable) beer cans when full, it's easy to see that there's no logic to the writer's argument, and that it is really a fake argument.

    Praying on class guilt in order to raise taxes ain't gonna work for much longer, not locally and not nationally.