Thursday, March 29, 2012

No Trucking Way

At its March meeting, the Common Council passed a resolution asking the NYS Department of Transportation to reopen the discussion about rerouting trucks out of the city of Hudson. Tom Casey had the story in yesterday's Register-Star: "Truck route relocation revisited." If there is anything that everyone in Hudson can agree on it is that trucks coming through Hudson on Routes 9 and 9G is something we would like to stop. The problem is that they have to go somewhere, and if the trucks don't come through Hudson, they have to go through Greenport and Claverack. 

Greenport supervisor, John Porreca, who used to live in Hudson, has already expressed his intention to oppose trucks being rerouted through Greenport, citing the congestion on Route 9 as the reason. Unscientific observation of the trucks entering Hudson on Route 9G/Third Street gives the impression that the majority of them are bound for ShopRite, PriceChopper, Walmart, Loew's, and other big boxes along Route 9/Fairview Avenue, Greenport's retail corridor. Whether they go through Hudson or not, they're going to end up contributing to the congestion of Route 9. 

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  1. Probably it's the first I've ever agreed with Scalera: what a total waste of the council's time.

    Thanks as usual DM (/irony).

    (BTW, funny Gossips title!)