Thursday, March 8, 2012

Back Where They Belong . . .

Nathan Mayberg reports in today's Register-Star that Board of Supervisors chair Pat Grattan is committed to buying 25 Railroad Avenue and keeping the Department of Social Services at that location: "County aims to buy DSS building." According to Grattan, the Phase II environmental study has been completed, and it shows that "the property housing the building, on a closed landfill, was properly cleaned up." Grattan is quoted in the article as saying, “We are not going to find a more cost effective way for finding a home for DSS”--a conclusion drawn, Mayberg reminds us, only after the County spent $1.5 million to buy Ockawamick School in Claverack and lost $120,000 on an option to buy the old Walmart building in Greenport.  


  1. duh

    What an extraordinary waste of money and time to arrive at this conclusion - talk about dysfunctional - makes one question everything the board of supervisors touches .

  2. I find this very alarming.I have to go,but later I would like to post a timeline.for now .this is my very edited Register Star Comment
    Hudson C C Pres. Don Moore said that the city made a proposal to
    purchase 25 Railroad Ave., the current home of the county DSS, “for
    considerably less than what the county could buy it for.”
    “It seems like an outline to a really good deal,” Moore said. “The purchase price is somewhere around $1 million. The concept was put together by Rick.[Scalera]
    "The city wants to buy the existing DSS building 25 RR Ave and lease it to the County for $15,000 a month versus $30,000, until they get the court system in there,” Grattan said.The City Hudson has been trying to move the city police station and court system into a new

    location and Grattan said that the lease between the the city and county would be month to month.
    As of last month City of Hudson was busy clearing title with Concra,to purchase,before BOS had agreed on Scalera "concept"
    the Results from Crawford &Assoc.PhaseII Enviromental Study are in,who were paid for by 25 RR owner Concra
    also now assessd at$2,056,000
    County needs second opinion.