Sunday, March 18, 2012

More News from the First Ward

Nathan Mayberg's article in today's Register-Star reports all the news that Gossips reported yesterday and something more: "Haddad endorsed by Dems, wins straw poll ahead of Council vote." Surprisingly, the Register-Star scooped Gossips on Timothy O'Connor's announcement that he intends to seek the vacant First Ward seat on the Council. O'Connor identified himself to the Register-Star as a "single-issue candidate: Crime." Speaking on behalf of the Lower Allen Street Association, a group he organized, O'Connor wanted to discuss crime in the First Ward at yesterday's meeting and felt that Haddad "blew him off."  


  1. Strange since O'Connor has been going door to door getting petition signatures for Nick Haddad.

  2. Yes, isn't that strange!

    And the poor fellow thinks he can get somewhere with such sharp elbows!

    He almost seems to be running against the council itself when he ought to be genuflecting and kissing rings. What can his neighbors think?

    Maybe one reason he's tossed his hat in the ring is that he's canvassed door to door for Democrats - and only Democrats - in the past, ever hopeful that he might interest the Common Council in the crime problems of the lower 1st Ward.

    Evidently that's not how politics works here, despite those 1st Ward simpletons still thinking that you get something for something.

    Leave it to a 1st Warder to believe that all politics is local.

    Some people never learn.