Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Of Interest

Former Second Ward alderman Quintin Cross explains to Audra Jornov why he hasn't paid back any of the $16,000 he stole from the City of Hudson in 2006 and how he hopes to do so by going to China for a year to teach English: "Cross still unable to pay $16K restitution."


  1. McDonalds is hiring. So's Burger King. The Register-Star is full of help wanted ads. Hell, I'm paying $10/hr. to pick up wood on my property. There's work out there for any who want it: Mr. Cross is clearly not looking very hard. I will be at the next hearing -- as a representative of the City -- to ensure that the Court is aware of this. This is just nonsense that he can't find work. He's simply not looking. And the "I have to go to China to get a job" is pathetic.

  2. John get your facts straight first you have no authority to act as a representative of the city. Secondly I work and last they don't want to have a hearing this has all been conferences because of all the other mitigating circumstances such as the 5,000 I owe to the federal government in income taxes or the 1,200 I owe to the state. Mr.Attorney tell the people who comes first. No I will the state and federal government get there's off the top, add the support for my children's medical insurance and the fact that I have to survive even if many of you don't want me to were do we stand Mr. City representative also check out Bearden v. Georgia U.S. Supreme court case. Your pathetic for opening up your mouth and talking without the facts and that's why you are a seat warmer on the council and will never get any influence because you think you know everything an know nothing pathetic that's what I call your work on the city council.

  3. Letting this fellow to teach English in China may be the greatest stealth weapon in history.

  4. Quintin, and I have to presume that that's who "By Any Means Necessary" is since you've not the backbone to post under your own name, let's get a few things straight:

    I am a representative of the City -- and so were you, which is what made (and continues to make) what you did so despicable: you stole from your neighbors. Now you won't pay it back.

    As for your back taxes: it's not unusual for someone to get in a bind with their taxes and to have to work it out. But perhaps I'm not alone in seeing a pattern emerge: steal from the public treasury; fail to pay into the public treasury . . .. You make one correct statement--the government does take theirs first.

    In terms of your child's insurance:no one wants a child to suffer for the sins of the father. But if you weren't prepared to support a child I would suggest that perhaps you weren't ready for fatherhood when you decided to embark upon that life-long commitment.

    Your statement "I have to survive" is boundless: we all have to survive. It's just that some of us appear to be picking up the tab for others' survival. Again, no one begrudges a person who is down on their luck, but you are not the victim here Mr. Cross -- your neighbors are. If you were paying $5 a month towards your restitution you'd have the moral high ground; as it is you are arguing from a position of weakness.

    Concerning the case you cite -- Bearden v. Georgia. I'm aware of it. I am also aware, as apparently you are not, that the Court in Bearden requires that the defendant make a proper showing of a bona fide attempt to make the ordered restitution. That means taking any job that is offered Mr. Cross. McDonald's is hiring. May the City assume you have an application in? It also requires that you make some payment -- $5 a month isn't within your reach?

    Lastly, Mr. Cross, my tenure on the City Council is exactly 64 days old. In that time I've begun rewriting the City's taxi law, been intimately involved in a number of decisions concerning active suits in which the City is a party (and one in which it has a vested interest -- care to guess which case that is?), and am working on the reapportionment issue the City faces in the wake of the law requiring incarcerated prisoners to be counted in their home communities. I've also spearheaded the efforts to revitalize the upper Warren/Columbia area in my ward. That may be pathetic, I don't know. I may be a seat warmer -- time will tell. Of course I do my Council work when I can -- I have a business to run and clients' interests to forward.

    But perhaps most importantly regarding my tenure as an alderman is the fact that I've stolen nothing from the City, from my neighbors. Does that make my work or me personally pathetic? I'm curious as to your opinion on that.

    Anytime you would care to carry on this debate in public, Mr. Cross, I am available. But if you insist on doing it here, asynchronously, I suggest that you at least spell-check if not review what you've written so your grammar and syntax properly reflect what I'm told is a not inconsiderable intellect.

    You may believe that some wish you ill, and perhaps some do. I assure you I'm not among them. I only wish to see your obligation to the City -- among which my constituents are not a paltry number -- be satisfied.

  5. John this is Quintin and you make my point for me as you pander to your base you might want to request a full hearing on behalf of the city before I depart. My point is get in line like everyone else you have an obligation on behalf of you constituents to get the facts get them you will be very shocked about the length and at which have have gone to rectify all legal obligations in my life. I was just able to get that 5,000 down to 4,000 the 1,200 down to 1,000 o'h wait how is that possible without working I don't know. Also I was convicted of grand larceny John and further went to prison for a my drug use McDonald's John can we say cash register, safe in this county John be serious. John if I wasn't working, wasn't going to school or at the very least seeking employment (I have over 33 pages of places I have gone and applications I have submitted)since I have been home you really think they would just let me Quintin Cross get away with that. John you don't know what I have paid you nor anyone with the exception of the district attorney's office and state police know anything about this case period, I see a pattern with you and many of the people drinking your cool aid deal in half-truths and innuendos and talk about virtues such as the moral high ground I have the moral high ground I know the circumstances surrounding my case and I am content with what's going on in my life. And John real talk your constituents will always be a paltry number and once this census is completed even further diminished when they have elected officials like you who talk out of both sides of their mouths first insinuating that I am pathetic then stating you wish me no ill. I am pathetic why would you want to have an airing in public aren't I disgraced who cares about me who am I in this city I can't even get a job, I can't even pay back what I owe I am all that and then some until 2013 then I am a guy who got the bad deal the guy who should be left alone. I get it and I am not saying this but the people you supported citywide have. You all make negative comments about the register star when it suits your purpose but take it as the gospel when it against someone you don't care for. I also got a laugh about my grammar but I got a bigger laugh "South Bay and John" when the council voted for the waterfront plan, and when Bill Hallenbeck was sworn in why because it the statement that you all make that keep good people like Nick Haddad unable to achieve high position because people aren't voting for him but rather voting against you all.Ps I don't need to know how to spell remember the ballots are pre-circled for the people lol!

  6. The final LWRP and GEIS were accomplished by cheating, lying to and defrauding the public.

    It's no surprise to learn that that sort of governance would bring the shameless to laughter, but it also makes the admission somewhat sad from a young person.

  7. How on Earth can this guy play the victim and act as though he has ANY moral high ground? What a tool.

  8. How is it, Mr Cross, that you betray the public trust of your elected office by stealing tens of thousands of dollars from your neighbors, the very people who gave you that public trust, and NOW try to paint YOURSELF as the victim? All of this "poor me" B.S. plus a buck fifty will get you a cup of coffee. Nowhere in the meandering almost unreadable word salad that you've posted above have you made anything which even approaches a valid point to serve your cause. You're a dishonest criminal leech, sir, and you have no one to blame for your current situation but YOURSELF. Cut the "poor me, I'm the victim" CRAP, and satisfy your responsibilities. Instead of acting like a sniveling little girl who just got pushed down on the playground, how about you MAN UP, and SETTLE YOUR DEBTS. Jackass.

  9. Let me get this straight - your point, Mr. Cross, is basically this:
    I stole 16 grand from the city and then I got busted for drugs and went to jail. Now I can't settle my debts because I can't find a job since no one will hire me because I have a criminal record, which makes ME the victim.

    Basically what you're saying is:
    I made a choice to criminally defraud the City of Hudson. I further made a choice to engage in criminal drug activity. The authorities arrested, tried and prosecuted me for my criminal activity. Because I was arrested, tried, and convicted for my criminal activity, employers are less apt to hire me. It's not my fault that I can't find a job.

    Here's the thing:
    You have no moral high ground. None. The situation in which you now find yourself is nobody's fault but your own. You find it hard to gain employment because of your criminal record. That is not the result of some grand conspiracy against you. That is a direct result of the choices that you made to defraud the city, and to engage in illegal drug activity. The City of Hudson, as part of your legal obligation for the crimes which you committed, demands restitution of the money that you stole. This is your responsibility, not because of some grand conspiracy against you, but as a direct result of your illegal actions. Regardless of how you try to paint it, it IS your fault. It IS your responsibility. The only conspiracy which ever was at work, Mr. Cross, was your conspiracy to defraud the City of Hudson. Your conspiracy failed. Your crime was discovered. Now, you have the responsibility of setting things right. That's the way it works. Perhaps you ought to be looking for a way to settle your debts "by any means necessary."

    1. Well said,Matthew.
      But besides the money he stole from us,this man was Majority Leader Quintin Cross, D-Hudson 2.My ward.
      Cross sat on the Hudson Community Development and Planning Agency board, the Hudson Industrial Development Agency board and the Hudson Development Corp. board. He voted on decisions still affecting our City today and years to come.He was representing the most vulnerable 2nd Ward for housing poverty and social service issues and resulting DSS money. The 2nd Ward, where a lot of Fed, State and County,grant money flows.For unscrupulous people in public office, with any foresight
      there is much opportunity to steal far more than a mere 16k cash.Its done with a paycheck,a checkbook, a favor,a lease
      Flushing Quintin Cross out early may have been 16k well spent;as I look at the millions the rest of the "City" wastes by design or sheer incompetence.There are appointed city officials I would gladly pay 16k in taxes ,to kick to the curb.There are back room deals and long range graft to be had. Myopic Mr.Cross is/whether or clean or not/ an addict and went for the credit cards like only an addict would do,which was so incredibly stupid
      and of course he was caught....16k ,what an idiot...but
      I wonder though, what else he stole,
      besides our good faith and trust as well
      as a role model and hope for
      our struggling 2nd ward children.

    2. On January 26, in the Wall Street Journal, the late, great social scientist James Q. Wilson submitted an editorial titled "Angry about inequality? Don't blame the rich."

      In the light of Mr. Cross's crime and his subsequent attitude of victimhood, I wonder whether the Occupy Wall Street movement isn't fostering problems when it elevates grievance-mongering over looking squarely at the indissoluble question of character?


      "The real income problem in this country is not a question of who is rich, but rather of who is poor. Among the bottom fifth of income earners, many people, especially men, stay there their whole lives. ...

      "Making the poor more economically mobile has nothing to do with taxing the rich and everything to do with finding and implementing ways to encourage parental marriage, teach the poor marketable skills and induce them to join the legitimate workforce. It is easy to suppose that raising taxes on the rich would provide more money to help the poor. But the problem facing the poor is not too little money, but too few skills and opportunities to advance themselves. ..."

  10. Oh my! It seems like Quintin Cross is getting very creative in his endeavors to pay restitution: