Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Learn About the Library

Since the Hudson Area Library Board sold its historic building to Eric Galloway and then announced that the Galvan Foundation was going to create a dream space for them in the Armory, there hasn't been much word from the trustees about what's happening. Gossips did manage to learn that the deal Galvan was offering  wasn't quite the dream come true that Library Board President Theresa Parsons and Vice President Mark Orton imagined, but beyond that, not much real information has emerged about the library's future. It remains, at the pleasure of the Galvan Foundation, in the building it once owned, presumably paying a dollar a month in rent, and it is reported that the library board is continuing its talks with Eric Galloway and Henry van Ameringen about a future home in the Armory. Meanwhile, rumors swirl. 

It is said that Theresa Parsons has resigned or is resigning as president of the board, and Mark Orton, now vice president, will assume that position. It is rumored that the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, with former mayor Rick Scalera as its "special advisor," may be thinking of offering the Armory to the Hudson Police Department and the City Court and having the library share the space with those institutions of law and order, or perhaps Galvan will set the library up in the recently acquired Register-Star buildingOn @Issue last Wednesday, Tom Swope, executive director for the Galvan Initiatives Foundation, said the foundation was committed to providing a "new 21st-century home for the Hudson Area Library," but he didn't specify where that home would be. (By new, I don't think Swope meant "new construction," but you never know.)

The answers to many questions may be revealed tomorrow night--Wednesday, March 14--when the library board holds its regular monthly meeting at 5:15 p.m. and its annual meeting at 6:15 p.m. Both meetings take place at 400 State Street and are open to the public.   


  1. "You don't need a weatherman"
    prison alley wrote on Mar 10, 2012 12:09 AM: Register Star
    " Scalera was to buy from Concra for1mil ,rent it to DSS for 15k a month,til his planB
    of DSS paying for building DSS complex on 4th &Columbia(Galloway's Land)
    with a parking emporium across the street
    Years back Scalera made some mention of trading
    the HPD&BLDG.Code Bldg on Warren with Galloway
    for that land,when Galloway outbid Scalera
    (he called Gallaoway a flimflam man,but took it back)
    Then,god knows why,Scalera has been hell bent on putting
    HPD,City Court,Clerk and Bldg Dept at 25 RR.
    they were busy clearing title last month
    Unless some new concoction between Scalera and Galloway just emerged
    Something may have come up in that PHASE II report
    that made the cops, lawyers &inspectors not want to end up there
    Its the only change.besides the new assessment of 2.056mil for Concra
    its just weird that Crawford&Assoc. finally came in
    with their findings paid by Concra
    And the whole plan went360.
    If DSS workers have a Union
    NOW would be the time to find out what just happened "

  2. I knew it.the only reason that deal at 25 Railroad could have gone 360% that fast was
    a)something was being supressed in the Crawford &Assoc findings being paid by Concra
    & cops lawyers,judges,clerks and&inspectors ,did not want to end up at 25 RR....
    or b) Scalera &Galloway had cooked up some new concoction.
    Concra's 20 yr PILOT is up and so is his $6,900.assessment
    ( stated by Register Star.)
    His$485,000a yr lease was up with DSS in June
    (Register Star contridicted itself last week that the lease was up last month,Feb)and he has

    been getting 30k a month since from DSS.
    Tax Time Tony!
    the new assessment is now /was "TENTATIVE" either 2,056,000
    (I presume for County purchase)
    or$1,410,000.(I presume for City)
    that's why in Aug.2011,C C Pres. Don Moore said that the city made a proposal to
    purchase 25 Railroad Ave., the current home of the county DSS,
    “for considerably less than what the county could buy it for.”
    “It seems like an outline to a really good deal,” Moore said.
    “The purchase price is somewhere around $1 million.
    The concept was put together by Rick.[Scalera]
    "The city wants to buy the existing DSS building 25 RR Ave and lease it to the County for $15,000 a month versus $30,000,until they get the court system in there,” Grattan said.The City Hudson has been trying to move the city police station and court system into a new location and Grattan
    said that the lease between the the city and county would be month to month.
    As of last month, Feb 2012 City of Hudson was busy clearing title with Contra,to purchase
    ,before BOS had agreed on Scalera "concept"

    Concra bought the land on which 25 Railroad Avenue was built from the Hudson Development

    Corporation in 1990. When the building was constructed in 1991, he was granted a PILOT by

    the City of Hudson and a lease. Now, since the records cannot be located, it is unclear whether

    or not Concra made all the required payments to the City over the past two decades. Tom

    Casey has the story in today's Register-Star: "Does Concra owe city $15K?"
    Wednesday, February 15, 2012
    Status: Active Roll Section: Wholly Exem
    Address: 25 Railroad Ave
    Property Class: 652 - Govt bldgs Site Property Class: 652 - Govt bldgs
    Site: Com 1 In Ag. District: No
    Zoning Code: GCT - Bldg. Style: Not Applicable
    Neighborhood: 01024 - School District: Hudson
    Total Acreage/Size: 3.30 Equalization Rate: ----
    Land Assessment: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $158,600 Total Assessment: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $2,056,000
    Full Market Value: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $2,056,000
    Deed Book: 646 Deed Page: 24
    Grid East: 687345 Grid North: 1245262
    SWIS: 100600 Tax ID: 110.9-1-65 Tax Map ID / Property Data

    Status: Active Roll Section: Wholly Exem
    Address: Railroad Ave Entrance to DSS
    Property Class: 330 - Vacant comm Site Property Class: 330 - Vacant comm
    Site: Com 1 In Ag. District: No
    Zoning Code: GCT - Bldg. Style: Not Applicable
    Neighborhood: 01024 - School District: Hudson
    Total Acreage/Size: 2.60 Equalization Rate: ----
    Land Assessment: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $15,100 Total Assessment: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $25,200
    Full Market Value: 2012 - Tentative
    2011 - $25,200
    Deed Book: 646 Deed Page: 48
    Grid East: 688091 Grid North: 1245363
    Special Districts for 2012
    Description Units Percent Type Value
    FIFTH WARD 0 0% 0
    Special Districts for 2011
    Description Units Percent Type Value
    FIFTH WARD 0 0% 0
    Type Size
    Primary 0.57 acres
    Rear 2.03 acres
    The math on the profit Concra made from DSS is astounding
    and still counting.

  3. The only good news I can gleam from this
    is I hope it was NOT bad environmental findings
    being suppressed that caused Scalera to jackknife here.
    for the sake of the workers at 25 Railroad.
    Just something he liked better from Galloway.
    However,if I were in DSS workers shoes
    (and I hope they have a Union)
    I would demand a second opinion,from EPA/OSHA and a
    trustworthy out of Columbia County Engineering/Environmental Firm,
    paid by County not the seller- owner of 25 RR
    before DSS buys 25 RR
    Also taxpayers,surely have given Mr Concra enough of their money,
    with his 20 yr lease@485k a yr&and PILOT exemptions
    + 10 mo rent @30k /per
    DSS can do better with 2.056 million,
    than a self destructing cinder block,sheet metal wrapped
    windowless bunker
    built 20 years ago on the cheap,
    that is too small for workers or the people they serve,
    on very questionable landfill.
    The Knitting factory, for instance, is 499k and has enormous potential
    ( see The Lone Survivor Feb 27 2012 Post on Gossips)
    Parking ,on county bus rte,walking distance for the Wards in most need
    4 blocks from Amtrak and is a Landmark.
    Plenty of green space and a spectacular view of the Hudson River.
    If that building ,if it hasn't already been sold
    could solve many DSS Issues facing them.
    and HDC owns it so not on rent roll anyway.
    at 499k DSS would be ahead1.5 million- for construction.
    And if not there,Start looking.
    Let Concra keep 25 RR ,pay taxes on it
    at its newly assessed$ 2,056,000. +45,600.
    or is it 1,410,000+25,200? the "City Special"
    now on the tax roll
    and see if anyone wants to buy it
    at that price, if at all.(all figures are from Register star or Hudson,s own published Assessments)

  4. I'm not sure what rumors can or will be dispelled Carole, but of course the public is always welcome at our meetings to learn more about their library. If not on March 14th, then perhaps later in the month when members of the community are being invited to participate in focus groups to help design our new space. Info is available and people can sign up at www.hudsonarealibrary.com. Hope to see you at one or both occasions.
    Theresa Parsons.
    Here's at least one rumor we can take off the table: after three years as president, I'm stepping aside and Mark Orton will assume that role. I will
    continue on the board.