Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dealing with Breakage

In September 2011, Gossips reported about this lamp post in the 300 block of Warren Street, beside the entrance to the municipal parking lot, and wondered how long it would be before the broken base would be replaced. So far, it hasn't been, but the breakage of another street lamp farther down the block has been dealt with in what might strike some as a charcteristically Hudson way.

Not long ago, there was a street lamp in this spot, about midway along the hundred or so feet of sidewalk in front of 347 Warren Street. The lamp post was twice struck by a car making a U turn in the lot in front of 3FortySeven. The first time it happened, the lamp post was replaced, but when it was struck a second time, the street lamp was simply removed, leaving a significant stretch of Warren Street without street lighting. 

Looking east to the next street lamp
Looking west to the next street lamp

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  1. Carole,

    As always, I rely on Gossips for the true skinny! I will discuss the lamp issue in front of 347 Warren and other lamps that require seeing to in the 3d Ward with Rob Perry. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.