Thursday, March 22, 2012

Haddad Wins!

The Common Council met tonight to determine who would replace Larissa Parks, who resigned as alderman from the First Ward on March 12. The meeting began with Council President Don Moore explaining the procedure. A resolution to elect each candidate would be presented in the order in which the candidates declared their interest in the office. Since Nick Haddad had declared first, the resolution to elect him was introduced first.

First Ward alderman David Marston introduced the resolution, which was seconded by Third Ward alderman John Friedman. In the discussion that followed, Marston presented the evidence of First Ward voters' support for Haddad: the straw poll in which Haddad beat out Geeta Cheddie 28 to 2 and the petitions in support of Haddad signed by 45 First Ward voters. He then asked the Common Council to take the evidence into consideration when they voted.

When asked if he wished to speak, Haddad promised to represent the First Ward to the best of his ability and to work with the other aldermen in a "collegial and comprehensive fashion" for the good of the city. 

Sarah Sterling, county supervisor for the First Ward, reiterated the results of the straw poll and reported that she had received email messages from nine people who were unable to attend Saturday's meeting and participate in the straw poll expressing their support for Haddad.

Second Ward alderman Abdus Miah then made a statement the gist of which was to ask Haddad if he would work with the aldermen who represented the north side of town. Haddad responded in the affirmative, saying that compromise was important and all wards were "part of this wonderful fabric that is Hudson."

Then it was time for the roll call vote, and surprisingly--remarkably in the case of some--the Common Council president and all the aldermen present--Doc Donahue, Friedman, Marston, Miah, Wanda Pertilla, Cappy Pierro, Sheila Ramsey, Chris Wagoner--voted aye, thus making Haddad the new First Ward alderman. 

Because the Common Council had unanimously chosen Haddad, resolutions for the two other candidates--Geeta Cheddie and Timothy O'Connor--were never introduced. Cheddie was not present at the meeting, although some of her supporters were; O'Connor, who had worked to muster support for Haddad before putting himself forth as a candidate, was.


  1. As someone who seriously considered the position for myself, I couldn't be happier with the results. This is a truly optimistic moment.

    Congratulations to the 1st Ward, to Mr. Haddad, and to the Common Council.

    T. O'Connor

  2. WOW a resounding yes at the common council - how refreshing.

  3. Yeah!! Congratulations,Nick.Hudson needs you.

  4. Congratulations to Nick. It is wonderful to know that this successful business man who has lived in Hudson for years now will be part of the decision making team. And many thanks to
    the Council for their unified vote to appoint the most qualified person to the position.
    Onward and upward!