Friday, March 23, 2012

Chronic Breakage

Gossips heard from DPW superintendent Rob Perry yesterday about this broken lamp post base in the 300 block of Warren Street. According to Perry, a new base was installed just before Winter Walk, but since then the new base was struck and broken by a car exiting the municipal parking lot next to the First Presbyterian Church. Perry also told Gossips that a new base costs $500.    


  1. I don't understand the comment from Commissioner Perry. The cost is the reason the light pole hasn't been replaced? That doesn't sound like a reason sufficient not to make the repair. It's the cost of running a city. Is this where the potential solution stopped? What's the next step? Isn't this an issue of community safety? Can our public officials offer solutions along with their comments?

  2. Hudson Pedantic--I don't think that's what Rob was saying, and I apologize if my retelling of his comments to me gave that impression. I posted about this particular broken lamp base back in September 2011, and when I noticed recently that it was still broken, I assumed (incorrectly, as it turns out) that it had never been replaced. I missed the new lamp base because I wasn't out and about walking the dog during that time. When I did walk William for the first time on our long route, the base was broken again. I think Rob's point in mentioning the price--and certainly mine in including it in the post--was that there's a cost to the City (and its tax payers) for people's recklessness, but that doesn't mean that I think cost should be an excuse for not making a repair.

  3. Of course the wisdom of Carrie Haddads research and push for metal street lamps was thrown out by the mayor for his personal choice of fiberglass.