Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Follow-Up: A Question of Eligibility

Yesterday, on the recommendation of city attorney Cheryl Roberts, Nick Haddad, now an alderman from the First Ward, resigned from the Historic Preservation Commission. Since the HPC is now made up entirely of men, HPC chair David Voorhees has made it known that they would like to replace Haddad with a woman.

Chapter 169, Paragraph 169-3 of the city code defines the qualifications for HPC members:
The Commission shall consist of seven members to be appointed, to the extent available in the community, by the Mayor. All new members, but the architect-member, shall be residents of the City of Hudson and remain so throughout their term.

(1) At least one shall be an architect experienced in working with historic buildings; if there is no resident of Hudson who has these credentials and is willing to serve on the Commission, a nonresident may be appointed to the Commission;
(2) At least one shall be an historian;
(3) At least one shall be a resident of an historic district;
(4) At least one shall have demonstrated significant interest in and commitment to the field of historic preservation either by involvement in a local historic preservation group, employment, or volunteer activity in the field of historic preservation, or other serious interest in the field;
(5) All members shall have a known interest in historic preservation and architectural development within the City of Hudson;
(6) All members, but the architect-member, shall be residents of the City of Hudson;
(7) The Chairperson of the Planning and Land Use Committee of the Common Council shall be the liaison between the Historic Preservation Commission and the Common Council and shall report to the Common Council regularly on the actions and proposed actions of the Historic Preservation Commission.
Although this paragraph of the preservation law was amended in 2006, it needs to be amended again to eliminate item 7. The Planning and Land Use Committee of the Common Council was created in 2006 by Council president Rob O'Brien and abolished by Rob Perry when he became Council president in 2008. 

Appointments to the HPC are made by the mayor, usually on the recommendation of the HPC. People--especially women--who are interested in being considered for the HPC should make their interest known in writing to Mayor William Hallenbeck and HPC chair David Voorhees. Letters should be delivered to City Hall, 520 Warren Street.

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