Friday, September 21, 2012

Something New in the Park

To the Public Square (a.k.a. Seventh Street Park), which many would like to see edited back to its original simplicity, something new has been added: a peace pole, a gift from the Hudson Rotary Club. Its presence designates Hudson as an International City of Peace and symbolizes "the city's commitment to promoting peace and understanding, locally and globally." Tom Casey has the story in today's Register-Star: "Friendly city gets peace pole."


  1. What a big fat hypocritical lie. Like calling Hudson "The Friendly City."

    Hogwash it is!

    And who gives the Rotary permission for more crap at that park?

    Isn't the clock choice bad enough???

    1. One of Rotary International's initiatives this year is "peace through service". The clock was in recognition to our 100th year of service. Visit to learn more. Thanks!

  2. Oh for goodness sake, couldn't they put it back to the way it was.
    That's the only thing that makes sense.

  3. Woodchucks have been given orders and will be deployed shortly.