Friday, September 14, 2012

Tom Swope Resigns

A statement released yesterday announces the resignation of Tom Swope as executive director of the Galvan Initiatives Foundation:
The Galvan Foundation announces the resignation of Tom Swope as Executive Director, effective today. Mr. Swope is resigning in order to pursue other professional endeavors, and we thank him for his service during this very important start up period. We are pleased to announce the appointment of Daniel Kent, who has been working as Project Coordinator on various Foundation initiatives, as Vice President. As Vice President, Mr. Kent will assume responsibility for facilitation of Foundation initiatives. 
Kent has so far been the project coordinator for the "Galvan Quarters" project.


  1. Replies
    1. Ellen--All we know about Daniel Kent is what appears in his LinkedIn profile, which suggests that he lives in Brooklyn and reveals that he served for less than a year in 2006 as an intern with the Lantern Organization and started working for them again in January 2012.