Monday, February 9, 2015

Another Change of Plan

Common Council president Don Moore just issued the following statement:
The snow has forced a reconsideration of the schedule for our February Informal Council meeting. We were scheduled to meet at Bliss Towers. Unfortunately no other evenings are available at Bliss this week. So we will hold the February Council meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, at 7 PM at City Hall. I have asked to schedule the Bliss Council meeting for March 9, but have not at this writing had that date confirmed.
The February informal meeting will be held tomorrow night, Tuesday, February 10, at the usual location in City Hall. Among the items on the agenda is receiving the mayor's veto message on Resolution 7, passed on January 20, 2015, enabling the Common Council to retain a legal adviser.


  1. Does anyone know the parliamentary rules in Hudson for overcoming an executive veto?

  2. I believe it requires 2/3 of the grant writers to override.

  3. So, let me get this straight. You schedule a meeting at Bliss Towers so that you can show that City governments cares about its constituents. Then you cancel it because it inconveniences the Council? That shows how little the Council does care. The snow wouldn't effect Bliss Tower's residents; in fact, you'd probably get a better turnout because everyone will be in the residence. Just sayin'.....