Monday, February 16, 2015

Female Empowerment or a Really Small Car?

"Micropolitan Diary" is Gossips' homage to and blatant imitation of "Metropolitan Diary" in the New York Times. The term micropolitan was coined because Hudson is a metropolis in microcosm.
Dear Diary,
I got my little car stuck on Warren Street yesterday, several days after, according to the City's snow removal schedule, all snow should have been gone from both sides of the street. If I'd had a little room to back up and go forward, things might have been different, but it was a long holiday weekend, and parking was in great demand. The little car was sandwiched quite tightly between two larger cars.
My maneuvers managed, unintentionally but fortuitously, to get the little car to pivot on the hardened snow so that it was pointed toward the street, almost perpendicular to the curb, but the rear wheels could get no traction. I was stuck.
At that moment, a young woman walking along the street noticed my predicament, stepped over the residual snowbank, and gestured to her companion (also female) to join her. They got behind the little car and together gave it the push needed to get it out of the rut and onto the street. 
Circumstances didn't permit any more than a wave of thanks to these gallant young women as I moved off, but my gratitude for their kindness is abundant.

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