Thursday, February 26, 2015

There Shall Be No Ice Skating This Year

Sad but true, although the ice on the Hudson River is reported to be 16 inches thick, there is no place in Hudson where the public can skate and probably will be none this winter.

As reported last month, snow has not been cleared from the ice on Oakdale Lake to allow skating because the City's liability insurance does not cover ice skating on open water. At last night's Public Works Committee meeting, Gossips asked about the progress on Plan B: to turn the basketball court at Oakdale into a skating rink. Rob Perry, superintendent of Public Works, reported that the white tarp they had been waiting for had finally arrived, but by the time it did, the future rink was covered by several inches of snow and the Department of Public Works was fully engaged clearing snow from the streets of Hudson.

When asked by Alderman Tiffany Garriga (Second Ward) about the ice at the sides of streets, separating the sidewalk from the roadway and presenting a treacherous barrier for pedestrians, Perry said there was nothing that could be done. "It will be there," said Perry, "until Nature takes it away."


  1. Its my understanding that The Basilica has done what the city could not - they have flooded both inside and outside for skating.

  2. What! There is skating at Basilica. Please get more information. That sounds great.

  3. Mr. Perry is incorrect.
    In the past the DPW did remove the dangerous ice condition that exists on Warren St. It is a challenge to exit a car on the passenger side and for anyone to get to the sidewalk. Add the same to get to the parking meter.
    I do believe that the City of Hudson is liable should someone injure themselves on the road area, bldg. owner for the sidewalk area.
    I've seen the DPW use a front end loader to "scrape" up the ice on Warren and load it into a dump truck for disposal.
    I do believe that it could be achieved again.
    So, Mr. Perry, it's up to you now.

    1. Wow, such an expert on snow removal. Until there is warmth above 20 Perry is right. Ice doesn't melt with rock salt until above 20. The city is only liable if the danger is pointed out and they do not take action. They took reasonable actions. Failure of pedestrians to take note of winter is not a fault of the city.

    2. I am not an expert. I never mentioned using rock salt. I mentioned using a front end loader.
      The danger is pointed out.
      So, I await the reasonable actions.
      Failure of a City snow removal procedure that leaves inches of ice for drivers and pedestrians to walk and drive is a fault of the City of Hudson.
      So, Mr. Perry, it's up to you now.

    3. I'm an expert, been clearing snow (to the curb) on the sidewalks of Hudson for thirty years. Didn't see any DPW crew last Sunday when it was sunny and warm.

      Who's decision was it avoid paying overtime and remove the snow when manageable, before it turned to boilerplate?

    4. Right now, National Grid is tearing up State Street. It seems, the continuous patch of boilerplate left on Tuesday morning, has has trapped natural gas that normally leaks up through various places at the curb. Forced to seek the path of least resistance in search of an exit, it's now flowing under the sidewalk and into our basements!

  4. These last two cleanings of snow - removal - have never ever been so bad.

    WHY has a foot of snow & slush been left in all the parking spaces ?

    Even the dump trucks were getting stuck with no traction during the snow removal ritual !

    WHY is the DPW not cleaning the streets like they used to ???

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