Monday, February 9, 2015

The Latest News on the Energy Highway

It may be time to be cautiously optimistic about those monster power lines that threaten to slice through the Hudson Valley. An article that appeared today on reports about the current status of the proposal: "Key component of Cuomo's energy highway stalls." Assemblymember Didi Barrett is quoted in the article as saying of the Public Service Commission, "They recognize there is a real question about the need, they recognize this is not twenty-first century technology, that they're going to destroy something in the Hudson Valley, our viewsheds, our economy, our tourism."


  1. the HDC and the HCDPA own most of the tax exempt property. the city of hudson has some alos but they do not really know how much.

    ask heather to compile a list for the city taxpayers.
    it would be revealing.

    the two agencies are "warehousing" these properties when there is a real market to put them back on the tax rolls. it does not make sense in the hudson of today- or the future.

  2. Great news to end the day that "the energy highway" may be a highway no longer! Seems the PSC is finally listening to the protests from all the local governments and homeowners along the route and how some homes, properties, view sheds and the tourism business will be destroyed if this gets built.