Monday, February 2, 2015

Once Upon a Time on Allen Street

Recently, Paul Barrett, the proprietor of the Country Squire B&B at 251 Allen Street, shared this post card image with Gossips.

The picture, which was taken sometime between 1900 and 1908, shows a brick chapel, part of the St. Mary's complex, that stood between 251 Allen Street, now the County Squire, and 245 Allen Street. There is photographic evidence that by 1908, the chapel no longer existed. Whether it succumbed to fire or was demolished is not known.

This photograph is particularly interesting because it shows, at the far right, the stoop of 245 Allen Street as it very likely was originally and, at the far left, the Second Empire house that once stood on Allen Street, at the head of Willard Place, where the 1950s St. Mary's Academy now stands.

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  1. The PC is an artist's insert of a Chapel that never was there.
    The St. Mary's Academy (large center bldg.) was constructed in 1898-99. Prior to that it was the location of the Universalist's Church erected on 1817, later sold to St. Mary's Parish. The Universalist constructed a new Church on the 500 block of N. Warren. That bldg. stands today and is West of Nolita's.
    The St. Mary's Church was located on the corner of S.Third and Montgomery Sts. and erected much earlier than 1898. The Church was later on destroyed by fire.
    The 251 Allen St. bldg., now County Squire, was a wooden structure that was at one time used as a Convent and possibly Rectory.
    The bldg. to the far left was owned and occupied by Mr. Traver who owned and operated a lumber yard near 4th and Columbia Sts. Mr. Traver had a home constructed at the end of Willard facing North towards Allen St. as a gift to his son.
    Mr. Travers bldg. at the corner of Willard and Allen was purchased by S. Mary's Parish and torn down.
    Later it became a playground area for the School.
    The "St. Mary's Academy High School" was constructed at that site in 1956. The former Church site at S.Third and Montgomery became the playground for SMA students and was also part of the Hudson City's summer playground program.