Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Take It Away!

For anyone who has never witnessed snow removal in Hudson, here's what it looks like. The snow removal convoy--a giant snow blower, accompanied by a fleet of dump trucks (when one fills up, the next one pulls into place)--just passed Gossips Central, and I seized the opportunity to snap some pictures.

This is the reason why parked cars need to be out of the way.


  1. Replies
    1. It gets dumped in that open area on the east side of East Court Street, just beyond St. Mary's Church and before the railroad overpass--at least, that's where it has always gone in the past.

    2. The snow is also dumped into an empty lot opposite the Central Firehouse off 7th Street. There it melts into a creek that feeds into Underhill Pond.

      As further evidence of the system-wide regulatory dysfunction which the City of Hudson routinely exploits, the state DEC can't determine the nature of a giant overflow pipe that feeds directly into the same creek.

      The city's official Map Book for sewers records that the pipe diverts stormwater only into the creek (directly), yet 100 feet or so above this outfall on Railroad Avenue a sign alerts the public to a State Pollution Discharge Elimination System point, which the state hypothesizes actually enters the "stormwater only" sewer.

      What a mess! Needless to say that's one stressed-out little creek.

    3. I'm not sure which pipe Unheimlich is indicating, but I regularly walk with my dog around Oakdale Pond. At the east end is a large pipe (culvert, really) feeding into the creek that feeds into the pond. We've learned not to go there after heavy rains, as the sewer stench is overwhelming and the temptation my dog has to drink from the creek too great. And to think swimming in Oakdale happens in this same "fragrant" water.

    4. Different pipe, Kristen.

      The pipe I was describing enters a ravine on the south side of the Oakdale Pond parking lot, after which it only empties into Underwood Pond.

      I'm so glad to know there's someone else keeping their eyes open too.

      Field trip?