Sunday, February 15, 2015

In Memoriam: M. J. Gladstone

Photo: New York Times
On Friday, the cause of historic preservation in the Hudson Valley lost a tireless champion and many Hudsonians lost a beloved friend, an esteemed colleague, and a valued mentor, when Mike Gladstone died. For decades, Mike was part of just about every effort to preserve and celebrate the character, history, and culture of the Hudson Valley. 

Mike was for many years the president of Hudson River Heritage. He was part of the Columbia County Historical Society, serving on the board and most recently working with Peter Stott on the publication of Looking for Work: The Industrial Archeology of Columbia County, New York. He was an advocate for the Hudson Opera House. As a member of the HOH board in the early years, working mightily to revitalize a major historic building on Hudson's main street, Mike did all of the graphic design for the fledgling organization's many mailings and events. More recently, he designed the signs that flank the main entrance to the building.

When it became known, in the late 1990s, that Columbia Memorial Hospital intended to demolish Cavell House to expand its parking lot, his was an eloquent and passionate voice for the grand house's preservation. He was an early advocate for the Dr. Oliver Bronson House, which he preferred to call the Plumb-Bronson House in recognition of its first owner and its original Federal design, and through the years was a valued and faithful adviser to Historic Hudson.

Mike's life was long and rich, and the legacy of his work and influence will long enrich the lives of those who inhabit and cherish the Hudson Valley.  

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  1. Sorry to hear about Mike's passing. I had the pleasure of several long interesting conversions with Mike over a wide range of subjects. He was a kind and gentle man with extraordinary knowledge about a wide range of subjects including book publishing and historic preservation. I will miss his sparkling eyes, cheerful smile, and calm guidance.