Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ear to the Ground

Gossips missed the Common Council Police Committee meeting last Monday and hence missed the news that a K9 unit is returning to the Hudson Police Department. Hudson used to have a K9 unit, but in 2006 the Common Council voted to remove the funds for it from the city budget. Among the reasons for this action at the time were: the K9 unit was causing costly scheduling problems for the HPD; the dogs were not being used, as was hoped, to prevent people from bringing drugs into the city by train (it was maintained that this could not be done because people had to put their bags down voluntarily for the dogs to sniff); the county sheriff and state police had K9 units that could be called in when and if they were needed.

Nine years later, all the problems and constraints seem to have disappeared--at least, the cost of a K9 unit to the City has. The word is that the new K9 unit will be funded by the Richard & Terez Abatecola Foundation.

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  1. I would like to suggest that the canine cars park in the alley and not on Warren Street.

    As a businessman I discovered the dogs left alone in the cars parked on Warren bark ferociously at every passerby, creating ill will and chasing potential shoppers away.

    Please consider the other businesses in the 400 block and park the cars in the alley out of harms way.

    It would also be a kinder jester for your canines!

    Thank You !

    Most Sincerely

    Vincent Mulford