Friday, February 6, 2015

On Again, Off Again Snow Removal

Want to know why the snow from Winter Storm Linus remains piled up along the edges of Hudson's streets when another foot of snow could be coming this weekend? John Mason tells the sad tale of bad luck and breakage in today's Register-Star: "City, county share services and broken snow blowers."

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  1. It is not those hard working DPW workers who are in control of the situation .When budget constrains, broken equipment, cities running out of salt, and such, it causes problems and of course it slows everything down...I was in Hudson the next day and I have to say the city was treacherous to say the narrow lane of packed snow covered pavement on most streets. It has been a crazy winter so far and they are predicting more snow this weekend..March 8th we set the clocks (yippee) which gives me a little comfort that spring isn't that far off. As the relative of a person who tirelessly works thru days and night to clear roads, I have appreciation for all those who try to keep streets open....