Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Don't Get a Ticket, Don't Get Towed

The snow emergency ends today at noon. At noon, you can pull your car out of the parking space on the odd side of the street, where it's been since 8 p.m. last night, and park it almost anywhere you want to. But beware. The snow emergency may be over, but the increased risk of being ticketed or towed is not. SNOW REMOVAL BEGINS AT MIDNIGHT. From midnight tonight until noon on Wednesday, cars must be parked on the EVEN side of the street. From midnight on Wednesday until noon on Thursday, cars must be parked on the ODD side of the street.

Although these directives apply to most streets, they don't apply to all streets. The signs, which will appear sometime today stuck in snowbanks, are the final word.

1 comment:

  1. Only ONE "no parking" sign was posted on the even side between 8th and Worth Ave. One of our neighbors parked her vehicle about 30 yards from the sign so it's reasonable to believe she didn't even see it. At around 12:30 we watched as her jeep was towed. However, what makes the situation more autrocious was that she came out to move her jeep when the tow truck arrived. Prior to her jeep even being attached to the tow truck she asked if she could move it and the police told her no unless she had the cash to pay the fine. She didn't so she watched as her jeep was put onto the truck and towed away; all the while pleading for them not to take it. There is NO reasonable reason why they would not let her jump in her jeep and park it somewhere else. The police "suggested" to us that we should go inside! It was very upsetting to watch this as it occurred.