Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Latest on the Snow

Common Council president Don Moore just distributed the following news about snow removal--or lack of same--tonight:
Hudson DPW Superintendent Perry has notified Hudson elected officials that there will be no further snow removal tonight. The suspension is as a result of a breakdown of the City’s snow blower, the one seen filling trucks over the last twelve hours. DPW was able obtain the services for a short while today of a Columbia County snow blower, but that machine has also gone out of service. Orange "No Parking" signs will remain in place until 4 a.m. Thursday when the DPW crew will be back for work. At that time either the signs will be removed or snow removal will begin again. HOWEVER, no tickets or towing will take place tonight. Regular alternate side of the street rules are in effect. 
Note that the snow blower that passed Gossips Central this morning was the loaner from Columbia County.

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