Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Spelling Matters

"Micropolitan Diary" is Gossips' homage to and blatant imitation of "Metropolitan Diary" in the New York Times. The term micropolitan was coined because Hudson is a metropolis in microcosm.
Dear Diary,
The little car is due for its annual servicing, and not wanting to drive all the way to the dealership in Latham with Joey, who suffers from severe separation anxiety, in the car and uncertain if he would be allowed to sit with me in the service department waiting room, I made an appointment at a local auto service shop that assured me they could service a SMART car and would welcome a dog. After the appointment had been scheduled, the man at the shop said, "So, we just need to change the oil, right?"
Certain there was more involved, I decided to go online and check. I initiated my Google search by typing in "smart cat annual servicing" and was surprised at the results, the first being: "Taking Your Pet for a Vet Visit."

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