Thursday, March 12, 2020

A House Is Not a Home

Dear Diary,
Earlier this week, a reader reported a weird coincidence. He was reading the Gossips post "The House That Is to Become a Hotel," about 620 Union Street here in Hudson, in a hotel room in Edinburgh. There on the bedside table was a brochure titled "The House That Became a Hotel," about the very hotel where he was staying. That hotel was the Ibis Styles Hotel on St. Andrews Square. 
Photo: TripAdvisor
The reader confessed he couldn't quite get his head around how the house in the brochure had become the much larger hotel but acknowledged it was "a very lovely building (in a city of many lovely buildings)."
Thanks to Jeff Andrews for sharing this experience with Gossips and giving me permission to retell it.

"Micropolitan Diary" is Gossips' homage to and blatant imitation of "Metropolitan Diary" in the New York Times. The term micropolitan was coined (by Gossips) because Hudson is a metropolis in microcosm.

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