Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Preserving River Access

Scenic Hudson today released the long-awaited Hudson River Access Plan: Poughkeepsie to Rensselaer. 

The press release announcing the completion of the document reads in part:
Perhaps more than ever before, the current health crisis has demonstrated the power of nature to provide solace and a respite from stress, while also highlighting the urgency to stop plans that would limit public enjoyment of the region's natural treasures. Permanently safeguarding long-cherished connections to the Hudson River and securing new places for people to walk, fish, launch boats and hunt along its shore are the goals of the new Hudson River Access Plan commissioned by Scenic Hudson.
The plan provides perhaps the most comprehensive evaluation ever--and the first undertaken in more than 30 years--of existing public access along the river's rail corridor between Poughkeepsie and Rensselaer. It also suggests locations for new shoreline access and recommends ways to improve crossing the rail lines safely. . . .
To read the entire press release, click here. To download the Hudson River Access Plan, click here.

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