Tuesday, March 31, 2020

And Now This

Many of us consider this stay-at-home time the perfect opportunity for spring cleaning and decluttering, but maybe not. This message appeared yesterday on the City of Hudson website.
The DPW has reported that the City's average weekly tonnage of trash has increased dramatically since the start of the pandemic. Prior to March, the City generated approximately four tons of trash per week. Last week City residents generated nine tons of trash, or more than double the usual amount, most likely because more people are home and others are cleaning out closets and doing early spring cleaning.
We encourage you to consider your waste generation. Are there ways you can reduce, recycle or reuse, find a recipe for those leftovers, or use a dish, rather than paper towel for that sandwich? Everyone can make a difference and even small efforts matter. Conserving resources and reducing trash will not only save money and help the environment but will give our overworked and potentially reduced DPW staff a break.

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