Saturday, March 21, 2020

Reminder: Something to Do This Weekend

Mayor Kamal Johnson is accepting public comment on Local Law No. B of 2020, which would amend the lodging tax law to eliminate the percentage allocated for use by the Tourism Board. The way the law was originally written, a portion of the revenue from the lodging tax--50 percent of the first $250,000; 25 percent of the second $250,000; and 10 percent of all sums about $500,000, never to exceed $250,000 a year--was to be used by the Tourism Board to promote Hudson as a travel destination. The amendment would direct all revenue into the general fund. 

As we've seen, the Tourism Board was not able to use the funds at its discretion without the approval of the Common Council. With the amended law, no money would be earmarked for tourism related purposes and all the revenue from the lodging tax could be used in any way the Council sees fit. It would be nice to think that the Tourism Board would use the money it already has--more than $300,000--as well as future funds to help Hudson's businesses that rely on visitors weather the COVID-19 emergency and rebuild when the crisis is over.

If you have an opinion about Local Law No. B of 2020, you have until Tuesday, March 24, to share it with the mayor. Comments can be submitted online or by calling the mayor's office at 518 28-7217. If then is no one there to answer your call, you can leave a message.

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