Friday, March 20, 2020

What's Happening with the Dunn Warehouse

On February 18, a contractor was selected to undertake the short-term repairs to the roof on the Dunn Warehouse. The proposal from the chosen firm, Tecta America WeatherGuard LLC, indicated that work would be completed within 21 days after receiving the notice to proceed, but when the DRI Committee met on March 4, no one at the meeting knew when the 21-day period had begun. The project was being handled by Public Works Commissioner Peter Bujanow, and he was not present at the meeting.

This morning, driving by the Dunn warehouse as I am wont to do every few days, I noticed that a snow fence and "No Trespassing" signs had been positioned around that section of the building.

Curious, I sought information from DPW Superintendent Rob Perry, who informed me that the fence and signage had been installed at the request of the DRI Committee. He also shared with Gossips Bujanow's statement about the status of the project made to the DRI Committee.
The contractor was unable to readily source the specified or equivalent roof decking through the manufacturer or suppliers. Next production of product scheduled for week of March 23 with delivery to Hudson anticipated week of March 30. Contractor advised five days required to complete project. Contractor was granted an extension of original completion schedule.
The current situation in response to the spread of the coronavirus may render those dates invalid.

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  1. "Masters of roofing" worked for dock space over on the North side of Warren. Back when it was allowed.