Thursday, March 12, 2020

Coronavirus Update

Mayor Kamal Johnson just published the following information from Columbia Memorial Health on Facebook:

As of this morning no CMH patient has tested positive for the coronavirus COVID-19. This is a very dynamic situation, however, and as we have seen in other areas of the state and nation, a positive test may occur in the future in our region.

In order to be prepared for any scenario, we are taking a number of specific actions to protect our patients, our staff and the community. Among these steps we have:
  • Restricted some visitation. See more here. Scroll down to the visitation section.
  • Established a hotline for persons concerned that they may have contracted the virus. If you have a fever, cough and/or shortness of breath, or if you have reason to believe you have been exposed to the coronavirus, please call the hotline at 518-828-8249. A trained staff member will provide guidance concerning testing, care and protective protocols. To best protect you, our patients, our staff and the public, it is very important that you call this number before seeking testing or care for a coronavirus related concern. As always, if there is an emergent need for care of any kind, come directly to the ER without delay.
  • Prepared to install a temporary Emergency Room screening facility. To better protect our patients, staff and the public from exposure, we will soon place a mobile unit outside of our ER where we can ask patients screening questions. This will allow us to separate from our general patient population any individuals who may have been exposed. 
We will provide updates as the situation evolves. It is important to remember over 80 percent of those infected with coronavirus have only mild symptoms. The best thing we all can do it to remain calm and follow the CDC recommendations to help prevent the virus from spreading. See the recommendations here.

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  1. The Columbia County Department of Health is also taking calls, 518 828-3358. They can help you decide on your best plan of action if you feel sick. and are good websites for accurate information. Call ahead to your doctor or emergency room before visiting so you know their procedures. If you are really sick call 911. There's a lot of panic out there so just be informed, don't spread rumors, and use social distancing and non pharmaceutical interventions. (hand washing)! Don't go to work if you are sick. Your co-workers will never speak to you again!!!