Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Returning to the Building Count

Yesterday, Gossips received the data from the City of Hudson Code Enforcement Office about buildings with six or more residential units. Based on that data, the list of buildings in Hudson that would be eligible for rent stabilization under the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act of 2019 and subject to the vacancy study has changed. The corrections to the list Gossips published last Friday will be presented first. Then the buildings that did not appear on the original list will be presented.

358 Warren Street has only 4 units

816 Warren Street has only 5 units

68-70 Green Street has only 5 residential units

508-510 State Street is listed as unoccupied

720-724 Warren Street has 13 residential units not 9

725-729 Warren Street has 10 residential units not 9

602-604 Warren Street has 13 residential units not 12

701-703 Warren Street has only 5 residential units

87-91 Short Street has 8 units not 9

Now for the buildings that were not included on the previous list.

34 Fairview Avenue--6 units

36 Fairview Avenue--6 units

6-8 Warren Street--6 residential units

454-456 Warren Street--6 residential units

621-623 Warren Street--8 residential units

What seemed to be a huge omission in the original list was 192 Harry Howard Avenue--Garden Apartments--with its 48 units, but it turns out the complex was built in 1980 and hence would not qualify because eligible buildings are those built before 1974.

The following then are the buildings that, according to the information received from the Code Enforcement Office, would be the subject of a vacancy study to determine if the City of Hudson could qualify to adopt a rent stabilization law.

1.  208 Warren Street--6 units

2.  221-225 Allen Street--6 units

3.  331 Allen Street--7 units

4.  87-91 Short Street--8 units

5.  44 North Sixth Street--6 units

6.  34 Fairview Avenue--6 units

7.  36 Fairview Avenue--6 units

8.  6-8 Warren Street--6 units

9. 426-428 Warren Street--8 units

10.  433-435 Warren Street--11 units

11. 720-724 Warren Street--13 units

12.  725-29 Warren Street--10 units

13.  247 Warren Street--8 units

14.  412-416 Warren Street--7 units

15.  27-29 North Fifth Street--7 units

16.  301-303 Warren Street--6 units

17.  454-456 Warren Street--6 units

18.  602-604 Warren Street--13 units

19.  621-623 Warren Street--8 units

20.  7-11 South Second Street--6 units

With the additions and eliminations, the total number of buildings is now twenty instead of nineteen, and the total number of units has increased from 140 to 154.

The Common Council is expected to vote on overriding the mayor's veto of the resolution to pursue a vacancy study tonight, but none of us will be there to witness it. We can, however, listen.


  1. Thanks, Carole! Your work is much appreciated. REBECCA WOLFF

  2. Thanks for your work on this!!! Seems the members of the common council or ward supervisors could just take your above list and then contact the owners of each building in their wards - and ask about the # of units rented? The cost of the "study" would suddenly be $0. Or pass a resolution that owners of these buildings submit occupancy rates to code enforcement.