Tuesday, March 17, 2020

On the Agenda for Tonight

Reporting on the informal meeting of the Common Council, which took place on March 9, Gossips covered the most interesting of the resolutions introduced. On the agenda for tonight's meeting, three new things have appeared.
  • The first is a bond resolution authorizing improvements to the waste water treatment system at an estimated cost of $705,336. Those improvements include "upgrades to reconstruct" the pump stations on Power Avenue and Mill Street.
  • Another is a resolution designating the law to amend the lodging tax law to defund the Tourism Board "a matter of public necessity." The resolution concludes: "Let it be resolved that the Common Council finds that a state of emergency exists due [to] the pestilence of the coronavirus and declares it is necessary for proposed Local Law Introductory No. B of 2020 be implemented as soon as possible to maximize revenue into the City's general fund. The Common Council further finds that the Mayor should exercise his discretion . . . and not hold a public hearing on this law so that it can be implemented as soon as possible."   
  • Another new resolution accepts the donation of a "Purple Heart Community" sign, to be placed at the entrance to the city, from Alderman Dominic Merante (Fifth Ward) in honor of his uncle PFC Thomas C. Merante, who is recognized as being the first American soldier wounded in the Korean War.

Given the local state of emergency, the public will not be allowed to attend the Council meeting, but the proceedings can be heard by clicking here.


  1. Using this crisis as an excuse to grab the money is EVIL

    1. Agreed, this was a shameless cash grab under the most fragile of pretexts. Listening to the meeting, it was shameful the way our Common Council President behaved. What's worse, this is only going to hurt Hudson's economy and the residents of our community who depend on tourist dollars.