Sunday, March 22, 2020

These Rapidly Changing Times

About half an hour ago, Kim Bach, the proprietor of Verdigris Tea & Chocolate Bar, announced on Facebook that the shop would be closing at 4 p.m. today and would remain closed until the restrictions were lifted. Up until this time, the shop had remained open for takeout. Now the shop will only be accepting orders by phone (518 828-3139) or by email ( for loose tea, chocolates, cookies, and cookie dough to be mailed or delivered.   

Also on Facebook this afternoon, it was rumored that a couple had been ticketed for sitting at a table outside the shop to drink the tea they had purchased inside.

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  1. Thanks Carole for posting our current status. I think the rumor about a couple being ticketed is false. No one sat at my tables yesterday...too cold. We served a few hot drinks to customers that were picking up other items at the front door but nobody hung around. Who exactly would be ticketing people for drinking tea on the street? Far as I know it's not illegal...yet.