Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Fascinating and Frightening

A reader turned me on to the interactive "Social Distancing Scoreboard" created by Unacast. Here you can find out how well different areas in the country are doing at keeping their distance in the effort to flatten the curve and stem the spread of COVID-19. 

If you check it out, you will find that the State of New York gets an A for social distancing, but Columbia County gets only a C. It doesn't appear that the scoreboard is entirely up to date, because it indicates that Columbia County has only two confirmed cases, and we know, from information provided today by the Columbia County Department of Health, that there are now eighteen cases, so we may be doing better now.

How Unacast collects and analyzes data to create the scoreboard is explained in this article that appeared in the Washington Post: "Smartphone data reveal which Americans are social distancing (and not)."

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  1. The house across the street is still being worked on by RAPP construction with a crew of at least 3. Are construction sites considered essential businesses? B HUSTON