Wednesday, April 22, 2020

A Parade . . . One Way or the Other

The hastily organized huge parade for students in early April had to be called off. The Memorial Day Parade in Hudson and the Flag Day Parade have been canceled. The Pride Parade has been postponed until fall. But if you feel the need for a parade, there's one being planned for May 1 by the Columbia County Democratic Committee.

This morning, the following invitation was issued to the members of the Columbia County Board of Supervisors from Keith Kanaga and Brenda Gevertz of the CCDC:  
We invite you and your residents to join in expressing our gratitude to the many people who are working on the front lines of fighting the Corona Virus here in Columbia County. Most especially, we owe thanks to the EMT Personnel and all of the hospital personnel who are working to keep us healthy and safe, putting their own lives at risk. In rural Columbia County it is not always easy for our neighbors to know how much we care.
On Friday, May 1st, we are organizing a Gratitude Car Parade which will culminate in driving by Columbia Memorial Hospital at approximately 7 PM. Prior to that time, we encourage each town to hold its own gratitude car parade and then meet in the parking lot of the former ShopRite at 70 Healy Blvd, Hudson [that's actually Greensport], between Route 9 and Route 66. Participants should remain in their cars and practice social distancing throughout the event. Cars participating in the County Parade will start lining up at 6:15 PM in the parking lot and will depart from there at approximately 6:45 PM, traveling down Route 66 to Columbia Street and then into the front traffic circle of Columbia Memorial Hospital. Cars will disperse on their own from there. A route map is below and both the Sheriff's Department and CMH have given their approval. . . . We want to keep this as simple and inclusive as possible. It is a non-partisan event.

Update: Gossips has been informed that the Gratitude Car Parade is being rescheduled. No further information is available at this time.

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