Wednesday, April 15, 2020

The First Announced Loss of a Business

Many of us fear that the shutdown necessitated by the effort to control the spread of the coronavirus will result in the loss of our unique small businesses in Hudson. The first evidence of this has come. Carolyn Mix and Darcy Doniger announced yesterday on Facebook that they are closing their shop, 2 Note.

Their message to Hudson reads in part:
Early on in 2020 we posted "Nothing changes if nothing changes."
Little did we know so much would change--so much beyond our control.
We write to you today with the news that we've decided to close our shop at 255 Warren. Please know that this has been a most difficult and painful decision on many levels.
For the past 6 years we've absolutely loved being part of such a vibrant and supportive community, as well as a joy-filled destination for our customers who visit Hudson. . . . 
We cannot yet imagine what it will be like to not have a space where we can see you in person, but please know how important it is to us to stay connected. Though we are closing the doors to our physical location, we are fortunate to have a website, and our online shop will remain open to the extent that we are able to obtain ingredients and packaging. We have some learning curves ahead of us in this regard, but we're all getting quite the crash course in virtual communication. We'll do our best to keep you posted on changes and developments as we chart this new course. . . .
Just a few months ago, Ralph Gardner Jr. featured 2 Note in his pre-Christmas commentary on WAMC about holiday shopping: "Scents and Sensibility." In it, he quoted Doniger as saying: "The more complex, crazy and insane life becomes--that is the one thing that everybody now is just searching for: something to help them relax, to make them feel they're feel like they're doing something good or healthy for themselves."

Photo: Ralph Gardner Jr.
Who knew then that life could get as crazy and insane as it is now, or what we would have to do to make ourselves feel safe and healthy?


  1. 2 Note is one of the great, quirky little spaces that make Hudson such a unique experience for visitors; it's a loss to our community. I'm very sorry to see Carolyn and Darcy go, but I certainly understand this may be the best decision they can make in this difficult time.

  2. Always a delight to see the 2 girls on Warren st. Beautiful smiles, and time to chat with everyone.

  3. Well, they have a good website. Good luck to them.