Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Work Has Begun on the Dunn!

My daily drive to riverfront park to check on the Dunn warehouse did not go unrewarded today. Work has begun!

The repair to the roof, which was supposed to ensure that the building made it through the winter, has experienced a lot of delays. The latest delay is recounted in the report from the last DRI Committee meeting, which took place on April 1:
Due to a manufacturer error, the necessary roof part order was not processed, and the material did not arrive week of 3/30/20 as as expected.  The material is anticipated to arrive the week of 4/6/20. Concessions will be sought to benefit the City given the delay.
The repair, which was designed by structural engineers from the Chazen Companies, is intended to address the hole in the roof of the east wing and to stabilize the building until further restoration can take place. A request for expressions of interest in restoring and redeveloping the building was issued on March 5, and responses were due on April 10. It is expected that the DRI Committee will meet in a conference call today. When the report from the meeting is made available, we will likely learn about any responses received.


  1. That's good news, I guess. And for how many more years will it sit unutilized, discussed about, another Hudson relic no one knows what to do with, and occasionally repaired? Is it really that important to save?

  2. Yes. It's one of the last late 19th C. industrial buildings on the waterfront. Important to the continuing upgrading of the area in conjunction with economic development.

  3. Replies
    1. The money came from a RestoreNY grant, so no.

  4. sell it to Galvan. They'll do something wonderful with it... or eventually tear it down.