Friday, April 10, 2020

Where Are the COVID-19 Cases?

For anyone who listened to Mayor Kamal Johnson's virtual town hall, it was Gossips who submitted the question about breakdown in the COVID-19 cases by municipality. In response, the Columbia County Department of Health just published that information on its Facebook page and announced it would make the information available every Friday. Here are the numbers:

Ancram  4
Canaan  1
Chatham  4
Copake  4
Livingston  1
Germantown  4
Ghent  14
Hillsdale  4
Hudson  10
Greenport  5
Kinderhook  5
Claverack  2
New Lebanon  3
Clermont  1
Pine Haven Residents  22

This information now also appears on the Department of Health website and can be accessed by clicking on the blue tab at the right.


  1. Thanks for this information, Carole. But do you know what the Department of Health is doing to monitor and track associations of those who have COVID-19? Is someone contacting friends, family, colleagues, and associates of those who have tested positive? It is wonderful that so many "essential workers" are working, but doesn't the public have a right to know who among them are falling ill?

    1. If you watch the virtual town hall meeting (still available at the link I provided), you will hear Jack Mabb describe how they monitor and track cases. People who have come in contact with those who have tested positive are required to do mandatory quarantine, with the DOH checking every day that they are staying home. People who have come in contact with the people who have had contact with confirmed cases are in precautionary quarantine, with the DOH checking up on them every day, too. Beyond that, I cannot answer your questions.

  2. That’s an encouraging level of follow up by the county DoH. Mark Orton

  3. RH Gilson has a pretty extensive description of how the county is monitoring those quarantined here: Mark Orton