Saturday, April 25, 2020

Hudson in 1974

Included in the recent scans on the amazing website are these pictures of Hudson, taken in 1974 from the recently constructed Bliss Towers. 

Looking southeast--the building at the bottom of the picture still stands on North Second Street, next to Long Alley (see below); in the background, at the left, you can see that dome of the courthouse and the spire of St. Mary's Church

Looking south--the building at the bottom left stood where Providence Hall now stands; at the right, along the river, you can see the oil tanks that were once located just across Ferry Street Bridge
Looking west--to the right, the buildings that were once Hudson River Knitting Mills still stand intact; straight ahead and to the right, the northern end of the then newly constructed Hudson Terrace Apartments
Looking northwest--"The Shacks" can be seen, just beyond the waste water treatment plant at the left
Looking north--the church building that was once Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, known familiarly as the Polish Church

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