Tuesday, April 21, 2020

First News from Tonight's Council Meeting

The Common Council meeting tonight went on for two and a half hours. There is much to report, but for starters, here are a couple of essential bits.

After being walked through the PowerPoint presentation by Dan Kent and asking lots of questions, the Council voted unanimously to table the resolution on the PILOT agreement and to hold a special meeting on Monday, May 4, at 7:00 p.m., to "take a deeper dive" into what is being proposed and what its implications are for the city and its tax revenue. Council president Tom DePietro invited the public to contact him or their aldermen to share comments about the proposed project. Contact information for the Council members can be found here. DePietro made it clear that he intends to call for a vote on the resolution at the May 4 meeting. 

Also of interest, it was revealed in tonight's meeting that Hudson has a new assessor. Cheryl Kaszluga, who served as Hudson's assessor from 2013 to 2017, has returned to be the city assessor once again. There's something comforting in that.

There's much more to report about tonight's Council meeting, but it will have to wait until morning.


  1. Rushing when rushing isn't warranted. Reminds me of how Rick Scalera used to log roll. This is half-century partnership we are considering entering at staggering expense to the City when it can least afford it, and affecting its major source of revenue throughout that period. A great many very good questions have been raised here and elsewhere about this project. It behooves the Council to listen to the voters on matters of such importance, to take their time and get it right. A week isn't enough time to do that.

    1. The mayor certainly needs to show he has conducted a thorough financial analysis of the project and its impact on property tax burdens throughout the city, and how he arrived at this number. He also needs to show we can absorb the cost of increased services.

  2. I agree with John re the timeframe. This is a major initiative that should have public input. The CC appears to only have heard about it very recently. Very little detail was provided by Galvan.

  3. The push for this project to happen in a week is shady and deceitful. the mayor has been "working" on this for months? With his friend, greedy galloway, with full support from president trump, I mean tom.
    It's what we should have expected