Tuesday, April 21, 2020

We Are Not Immune

Just when we think New Yorkers are the intellectual superiors of people in states like Michigan, Illinois, Colorado, Florida, Texas, and several other states, there's this: "Call for New Yorkers to protest COVID-1 state lockdown." The demonstration is supposed to happen tomorrow in Albany.

Protesters in Michigan  Photo: Matthew Dae Smith|Lansing State Journal via APA


  1. These protesters are victims of a coordinated Trump-supporting effort by right-wing groups to manipulate conservative voters into a frenzy and pin our economic woes on Democrats come November. I feel genuine concern for them, their families, the people they may infect, and the frontline healthcare workers who are putting their health and well-being in jeopardy to care for the influx of patients.
    I hope someone is planning on ensuring clear access to healthcare facilities for emergency vehicles; healthcare workers shouldn't have to add that duty to their already overfull plates.

  2. It's not so straightforward once you weigh in the trade-offs. That's when biostatistics gets even more complex than it is already.

    Still, I shall ponder these things from home!

  3. The freedom to stay inside just never occurs to these people.