Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Meeting News

If you were looking forward to the live stream of the Common Council Public Works and Parks Committee meeting tonight at 5:30 p.m., you are in for a disappointment. That meeting has been canceled.

The Legal Committee meeting, however, set for 6:15 p.m., has not been canceled. It is assumed there will be a live stream of that meeting which can be accessed here.


  1. where's mr. Perry? It's a new game to fill the boredom of covid-times.

  2. The City of Kingston is utilizing Go2Meeting for their Common Council and subcommittee meetings, allowing people to dial in to participate and ask questions. The transcripts of the meetings as well as the video recording are then archived on both the City website and YouTube the following day.

    Live streams of Hudson meetings, meanwhile, are difficult to hear (those goddamn pen clicks), don't allow residents to participate or ask questions of elected officials, and aren't being posted in a timely manner on the WGXC audio archive. (Understandably, they are backed up with their own operations issues right now.)

    I understand the City's minimum adherence to altered Open Meetings requirements at the onset of this crisis, but it well-past time to ensure Council meetings (all of them) are happening, easy to follow, quickly accessible in an archive format, and ensure citizens have the chance to interact with elected officials. To do less at this point is to invite criticism that our city officials are taking advantage of this crisis to act behind closed doors, out of sight of their constituents, to potentially unsavory ends.

    1. It's clear that our current city government is taking every advantage they can of this crisis to operate behind closed doors, pass unpopular legislation, and block any criticism of their very shady moves. What happened to 'ALL HANDS ON DECK'? A better slogan for our current city government might be- 'BEHIND CLOSED DOORS LET'S WATCH HUDSON BURN TO THE GROUND. SORRY OUR HANDS ARE TIED. WE HATE SMALL BUSINESSES SCREW TOURISM. CLOSE THE HOSPITAL. REWARD OUR WORST OUT OF TOWN INVESTOR.'