Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Get Yourself a Mask

Today, is his COVID-19 briefing, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced a new executive order, which will take effect in three days: all people MUST wear a mask in public in situations where you cannot maintain social distancing.

If you don't already have a mask, click here for instructions from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) on how to make one. Three techniques are presented, two of which do not require a sewing machine or a needle and thread. 

Also, there is a network of people throughout the county who have been making cloth masks as fast as they can--the Mighty Masketeers of Columbia County. They have been prioritizing workers on the front lines and people with immunodeficiencies, but with this new order, they may start accepting individual requests. You can contact them at


  1. Masks everyone! It's about time! I can't understand why this important decision wasn't implemented weeks ago. The next time I must visit the Livingston Hannaford, the personnel will be wearing them!?! Now, how are we going to get them to carry through with the other CDC mandates. Like sanitizing the carts, cashier stations. May be a few more weeks ....? And, thank you for the tip where we may order masks! Do I dare being up testing? Another day perhaps. We'll never know the extent of the cases in Columbia without extensive testing. So, it's advised to be proactive and assume there are many more cases than reported.

  2. Perfect 10 has been busy making masks.If you need one reach out to Whitney at 102 warren st.They are free but a donation would go a long way for the girls.Thanks be safe.