Wednesday, April 29, 2020

We May Be Just Entering the Woods

This morning, in his daily COVID-19 briefing, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced he would be issuing an executive order this afternoon allowing hospitals in some counties to resume doing elective surgery, provided that 30 percent of the hospital beds remain available for COVID-19 patients. The counties eligible to resume elective surgeries are those that do not present a "risk of a COVID surge." Columbia County is not one of those counties.

Yesterday, Columbia County had fourteen new cases of the coronavirus, the highest number of new cases since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Columbia County was reported on March 20

Stay home. If you must go out, stay six feet away from other people and wear a mask.


  1. Realize that you are not wearing a mask to protect yourself you are wearing a mask to protect others from you. We know there are asymptomatic people around and those people might be you or me. Wear a mask

  2. It was a lovely day yesterday. People were out and about, hanging in the park, chatting on the porch, walking the dog. Probably 5% were wearing masks. This was the same day we recorded our highest number of cases.

  3. Yesterday I watched as two Hudson DPW crew members picked up recycling at 3rd and Columbia. Neither had gloves or a mask. As if nothing has changed and there's no pandemic. Of course, these two guys then climbed into the cab with the driver, practically sitting on each other's lap. Really smart, but it doesn't surprise me.