Saturday, February 13, 2021

"As Long as They Get My Name Right"

P. T. Barnum allegedly said, "I don't care what the newspapers say about me as long as they spell my name right." But what if your name is not spelled wrong, but it's the wrong name?

Earlier today, Ralph Gardner Jr's weekly commentary was aired on WAMC: "Hunting for a Chocolate Heart." It recounts his efforts to acquire a heart-shaped, one-pound box of Valentine's Day chocolates for his daughter, who lives in Canada. The piece begins: "I paid a visit Monday afternoon to Vasilow's. That's my go-to, old-fashioned, tin ceiling candy store in Hudson, NY, and yearly Valentine's Day provisioner." He recounts briefly a conversation he had with "owner Nancy Vasilow." Huh?

Vasilow's is my "go-to, old-fashioned, tin ceiling candy store," too. It is owned by Jim and Kate Vasilow. There's no Nancy.

Photo: Ralph Gardner Jr, 2019


  1. A Hudson landmark since the days of located on the 500 block of Warren.
    When a family business continues for three generations it must be customer oriented and their product of great quality.
    Well, that’s Vasilow’s.
    Thanks Jim and Kate.

  2. "Hudson High grad makes good".....always happy to see a Hudson original operate a successful business in town, Congrats Jimmy and Kate on many years of a great product...wishing you many more. PS: Class of 74 rules.

  3. Now that Godiva Chocolates are closing their doors Vasilows will reign supreme !